When it comes to cleaning your boat, it is about more than just making sure it looks good, cleaning is an essential part of proper boat maintenance. That is why boat manufacturers are finally sharing their boat cleaning secrets, so you can be sure that your boat is cared for! It doesn’t matter if you’re already a boat owner or if you’re just starting to look for center console boats for sale, Abaco Skiff Co. in Florida can help you learn these top cleaning tips. Keep reading to find out more from the experts.


Boat Manufacturers are Sharing Their Top Boat Cleaning Tips

Whether you are already a boat owner or if you are looking to buy one of the top center console boats for sale, it is critical for you to understand the vital role boat cleaning plays on the maintenance of your vessel. Proper cleaning can help extend the useful lifespan of the materials on your boat as well as the boat itself. The products on your boat are exposed to harsh environments often, so making sure they are cleaned regularly can help keep them working. Also, making sure your boat is cleaned is important in case you ever decide to sell it. Below you’ll find more information on what goes into proper boat cleaning.


The type of boat you have doesn’t really make a difference. The only difference that the type will make is the amount of attention each part of the boat needs. When you’re cleaning the interior and exterior of your boat, it is essential to pay attention to the following parts:

  • Marine carpets: these carpets are found in most boat cabins and could even be in cockpits or the head compartments on smaller boats. The best way to clean these carpets is the vacuum them in order to remove any loose dirt or debris. After, scrub it down using soap and water and a stiff-bristle brush. Once you’ve scrubbed the carpet, you may need to use a wet-vac to soak up any leftover water. 
  • Non-slip fiberglass: fiberglass can be found inside and outside of a boat. Just because it is fiberglass that doesn’t mean you should clean it and treat it like other fiberglass materials because waxing it would make it slippery. You’ll need to use a stiff bristle brush, soap, and water to scrub the surface down. If there are tougher stains, you can use cleaner mixed with some bleach. 
  • Vinyl: this material can be found all over many boats, especially those with a ton of seating. When cleaning these surfaces, make sure you stay away from harsh chemicals because most modern vinyl is treated with anti-microbial to fight against mold, and mildew and harsh chemicals can remove them. If there are difficult stains on your vinyl, use a dedicated marine vinyl cleaner to remove them. 
  • Hulls and Gel-Coat surfaces: These parts of your vessel need special attention and maintenance in order to remain shiny and avoid oxidation. Each spring, you’ll need to apply two layers of paste wax and then once a month liquid carnauba wax. 
  • Hull Bottom: if you keep your boat on a trailer, treat the bottom of the hull the same way you would treat other gel-coated areas. On the other hand, if your boat sits in the water, it’s essential to make sure you have the bottom painted with antifouling paint, so it is protected.


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