Abaco Skiff Co.

Sarasota | Florida

Abaco Skiff Co starts a new legacy…

Abaco Skiff Co is a new generation boat builder created directly from the Andros Boatworks family.

Over the years Andros Boatworks has built a series of custom hybrid style boats and sold consumer direct from the factory in Sarasota, Florida. Now, these same highly sought-after boats are built by Abaco Skiff Co; offering a semi-custom version at select dealers throughout the southeast as well as maintaining a consumer direct option in geographical areas without dealer representation.

Abaco Skiff Co will continue to build the Bonefish 22, Guide 20, Backwater 18, and 14 Skiff at the Andros factory and will maintain the same high standards of construction that has been established by the founders of Andros. Andros Boatworks is a family legacy… and now, so is Abaco Skiff Co.

Abaco Skiff Co –
Don’t limit yourself!

Abaco Skiff Co builds a unique style boat that fits the high-end niche market of the most demanding angler. Although it’s a Panga style hull, it is not your standard Panga boat. You can purchase a highly finished base boat or customize it with an array of electronics, shallow water anchors, trolling motors and more. Abaco Skiff maintains a high standard of construction and offers custom options to both consumer direct and the dealership marketplace.

Panga (Boat)

The Panga is a type of modest-sized, open, outboard-powered, fishing boat common throughout much of the developing world, including Central America, the Caribbean, parts of Africa, the Middle East, and much of Asia. Panga boats are commonly just a hull with a rough finished interior, powered with low to mid horsepower outboard motors.

Abaco Skiff boats are different; they have been designed by Andros from concept to completion and are unique purpose-built boats, designed with a highly finished interior while sporting higher horsepower and sophisticated electronics if desired. Additionally, 100% of the Abaco Skiff boat line is built on premises in a 28,000 sq./ft. facility along with Andros Boatworks. From lamination and metal fabrication to the cushion and canvas; each boat is built by hand with the same quality that originated with Andros.